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2023 Light Up Macao -Open Call for 3D Projection Mapping Proposals (Wuhan)

Enjoy Magic Zhang Jian The film blend in culture and entertainment symbols of Wuhan and Macao. Building facades, block rotation, color change, mecharical motion. such as mult-block rotation. ball roling. food transmission. will be the characteristics of both food. attractions asa fun gift to visitors, let the viewer enjoy magic of Macao's food capital and entertainment city.
Radiant Paticle Space – Momories of Commercial in Wuhan and Macau WangKang, HanMengLu The light particle space of the work takes the commercial port culture of Macao and Wuhan as the theme, and organically integrates the commercial portculture of Macao and Wuhan through representative elements such as Jianghan Pass and Trollius chinensis, presenting a new scene of light and shadowarticles intertwined, integrating a century of history with modern lightand shadow art implying that Wuhan and Macao work together to build afuture.
A Dose of Lighting Dopamine——Multiple colors bring charm to Portugal and Macao Wanglingran/Anna, Yuanfan A Dose of Lighting Dopamine,Interpreting the term 'dopamine' as a light show version,wrapping the puppet Portuguese restaurant with multiple colors in the form of light show,creating a unique architectural style. The four main themes are: Portuguese tiles, enchanting summer, charming Macau, and dazzling city, showcasing the cultural characteristics and unique charm of Macau and Portugal.The video also showcases nutcrackers, poker, and a Portuguese style carnival with red, yellow, and green stripes, complemented by the classic musical soundtrack "One (Reprise)"/Final. Immersing people in this performance according to the rhythm.
Communication Wuhan GuangAo Cultural Travel Technology Co., Ltd With light and scenery as the link, connect Wuhan and Macao's urban culture and creative design, connect Wuhan and Macao's characteristics, dialogue culture and travel, art and dream. Plants and flowers bloom; the Yangtze River Bridge and Lotus Bridge are Symboled as two places; Wuhan landmarks and Macao's eight scenic spots echo each other; engineering technology and creative art are interwoven with each other; show the charm and magicof the city.
Golden Lotus YangHonglong The work combines the logo of Macau for AI (Stable diffusion and Midjourney) design and creation, with a lotus blooming pond and Macau's magnificent casino as the main background of the video, with pure white lotus flowers blooming one after another. The magnificent indulgence of paper and gold, and the pure and serene lotus, intertwined and constantly changing, symbolize that Macau is as magnificent and beautiful as a lotus blooming on top of gold coins, extremely luxurious yet independent, pure and flawless! At the end of the video, the diverse design and derivative logo styles of Macau are showcased, just like traveling through different time and space, in a diverse universe, symbolizing that Macau is full of diverse creativity and infinite possibilities under the empowerment of future technology (AI).
2023 Light Up Macao - Open Call for 3D Projection Mapping Proposals (Macau)

A LIGHT IN THE NIGHT MPIXEL LDA “A Light in the night” MAK MAK brings you the magic of Light this winter. Let's all go travel with MAK MAK on a magical ride through Macao, celebrating its culture and heritage.
When winter comes Liu Li Ting Winter is coming… At the end of the world, winter castle has just started operation. Winter Queen shows her charm, decorating the castle with beautiful snowflakes, they are everywhere, letting people feel the winter. Winter deer received the order from the Queen, planning to bring winter to Macau. The journey has started…
Grand Art Hotel Macau Unlimit Studio Company Limited Take a magical journey with artists at Macau Art Hotel. Inspired by the culture and scenery of Macau, Van Gogh painted the stars, Picasso captured the essence of the streets, Andy Warhol immortalized the charm of the casinos, and Monet painted the peaceful city gardens. With the gaze of the Mona Lisa, the Macao attractions into fantasy and art. Make this place a holy place for the imagination, fascinating.
Maimai travel Cowson Technology Engineering Consultancy Limited Introduction:The story revolves around Macau's major events, traditional cuisine and the intersection of Chinese and Western cultures. Starting from the winter festivals, we enter Macau's great and exciting events, and extend the unique cuisine and historical famous buildings of Macau's integration of Chinese and Western cultures. We are assisted by the Macau tourism mascot "Mai Mai" There is no limit to what you can do in Macau, and you will be warmed by the enthusiasm of Macau in the winter.
Unveiling the Welcoming Portal Ng Fong Lam Macau, a masterpiece woven from the intertwining threads of Eastern and Western cultures. No challenge has proven insurmountable for Macau. With its rich blend of time-honored Eastern and Western influences, the city has given rise to unique art, gastronomy, and festive celebrations. Whether amid the vibrant hues of summer nights or the neon brilliance of winter, this creative culinary hub eagerly swings wide its doors, extending a warm invitation to the world.
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